About Us

Hostinggarage.in with its name is a Resource tool for website hosting. Recent trend says that there is major demand for an online business. It means every online business needs a website to make his or her business effective. An Internet survey says 85% of consumers use Internet to find local business. So you can understand by this how Important a website makes a role in your business or personal use too.

It is not only Important that you a website which is beautiful and usefull but also to choose the Right Web Hosting Company which can bring a big impact in terms of uptime, support, loading time of a site etc..

We make a role here by helping millions of users to get a right choice of hosting company. We compare all the top hosting brands on our site, listed hosting reviews, several articles and blogs which really provides more useful Information on a website, hosting, limitations etc.

Our goal is simple, making Web hosting selection easy with all the available resources on our website. Our beginners web hosting guide, hosting reviews and list of Top hosting companies helps you doing that.

Whats makes us different from others:

Our Team Includes people from web hosting background, who has expertise on technical and sales experience as well in several web hosting companies. Hence we know In and out of hosting company how it works.

We have not just blindly chosen hosting companies, we have experienced them as a customer, we test them with several tools, uptime monitors and other tools and Reviewed them carefully.

we Try to provide the best information possible and included all the essential resources pertaining to web hosting so that you need not go anywhere else to get the information.

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