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You might have known Hosting Raja earlier or you are hearing it for the first time. No matter what, we are reviewing this lone best hosting provider in India. We have analysed Hosting Raja Reviews as a customer of Hosting Raja. We tried to focus more on their limitations of plans, uptime details, reliability factor, how fair is their tech support. Read the complete review to know more about them. Additionally we have added uptime reports too.

Most Important – # 2 section – 7 points on why Hosting Raja is better than others and in the later section refer some drawbacks of Hosting Raja.

Hosting Raja – A Small History:

Hosting Raja foundation dates back to 2008. Initially started as a web development company later shifted focus towards web hosting. Their major come back was in 2013 with a revamped website and more changes in their style of functioning.

It is very much reliable for beginners as they provide complete support on installation, set up is free and work with you until the website is live. It is emerging as one of the top web hosting companies in India, where other Indian web hosting companies are on the verge of loosing their business.

1. Hosting Raja Hosting Plans Review:

Look what hosting Raja has to offer you. Get an Exclusive 55% discount.

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They offer wide range of hosting plans starting from basic shared hosting plans till cloud servers. Here we specifically discuss on their shared plans and VPS servers.

Starter plan costs INR 1600/- for 1 year and Unlimited plan costs INR 4000/- for 1 year. They offer these plans both on Windows and Linux OS.

Hosting Raja shared hosting plans

If you are running some dynamic websites or traffic oriented websites which may get around 1000 to 2000 visitors per day then you can opt their popular – Unlimited plan. If a website is completely dynamic and needs more resource to run then you can choose premium hosting.

Advantage of going with Hosting Raja Premium Plans:

If you have already hosted a website and it is highly popular or if the website is consuming more resources from the server or if its a magento based e commerce website then their best seller premium corporate plan is better and it costs around 500 per month.

You may feel the price little high but you get an advantage out of it. End of the day website speed and performance is what matters. what makes it so costly?  It has high end server configuration and the server has minimum website accounts hosted in it.

Hope the picture below best describes the difference between normal shared hosting plans and Hosting Raja Premium Hosting plans. Relatively less websites in the server ensures better speed and performance. This is where Premium corporate or Premium Enterprise plans come into picture.

Hosting Raja Reviews difference between their shared hosting plansHosting Raja Reviews difference between their shared hosting plans

To be frank both Unlimited and premium corporate plans has some limitations but these limitations are placed for the fair usage of the server resource.

Unlimited Plan:

10% CPU usage
Inode Limit: 1,00,000
Premium corporate plan:

30% CPU usage
Inode Limit: 3,00,000

Inode limit – what does it mean? explained in our web hosting guide page. Keep in mind its the shared RAM. Limitations are applied due to the fair usage of the server resource among all the website owners as there should be no abuse of the server resource.

For a thorough understanding on CPU usage and Inode count click on the link.

Still If you feel you should not have any limitation on Inode or CPU usage, then It is better to go with private servers. You can click below link to see their VPS plans:

Hosting Raja VPS hosting plansJava Hosting Plan:

Hosting Raja is one of the very few companies who offers Java Hosting. Java is widely popular in India due to its platform Independent technology. Most of the companies rarely offer Java hosting due to high server cost and lack of technical expertise.

Hosting Raja is the only company in India offering Java Hosting plans. Click on the below image to know more.

Hosting Raja reviews Java hosting plans

Hosting Raja Website Builder Review and Control Panel Options:

It offers typical C Panel – you can see the demo of c Panel on the below link:

C Panel Demo Reference site:

Their control panel comes with Inbuilt options such as one click installation, wordpress blog. Its a typical c panel with the Inclusion of weebly site builder.

They offer SSH access only with their Reseller plans and VPS plans.

2. Hosting Raja Reviews – Advantages of going with Hosting Raja

1. Free Domain Registration – Hosting Raja Offers free domain with almost every hosting plan and their price for domain starts at INR 175/- per year. Also read our list of 7 Top domain registrars.

Hosting Raja .IN domain offer

2. Free Installation – Hosting Raja Provides free installation of wordpress, magento.  you just have to select the theme and send a mail to their support team they do it free of cost.

Check out some Beautiful wordpress themes on their siteWordPress themes

Hosting raja wordpress free installation

3. Refer and Earn policy – Hosting Raja has an unique offer where each of their customers can refer their friends and get a benefit out of it. Each can earn till 5000 for the reference made and Interestingly It is applicable even for a domain sale.

Sounds good right!!! You can click on the linked image to Know more.

Hosting raja refer and earn money

4. Free Migration – A biggest challenge for a user is to migrate hosting from Other service provider but Hosting Raja does it free without any downtime. Other companies like BlueHost™ charge for migration.

All you need to do is send your previous C Panel credentials to them by mail.

5. Chat Facility  Hosting Raja provides a facility for their customers to have chat conversation with technical representatives for any technical assistance. Other hosting companies rarely have it.


6. Varnish Cache – Their servers are enabled with Varnish cache. It can accelerate the speed of the websites, Applies to their shared hosting servers also.

Hosting raja website optimization

7. Server Latency – This is one of the major advantage of Hosting Raja as their server location is in India those who have a target audience from India can experience very fast loading of their websites.

How to know their server latency:

Get an Ip address from them and check the ping report for the same, If you are able to get a ping response of 20 to 30 ms then It clearly tells you that they have a good server response time

Best advantage of Hosting Raja is you get custom rates even though if you feel the prices are on higher side and no hidden charges too.

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45% discount - Basic VPS and 55% discount on premium VPS plans. Starts from 962 per month

Technical Support, Uptime And Reliability:

 logomakr_7yi90rTechnical Support:

Hosting Raja utilizes support ticket system, every support request from the client is assigned with unique ticket number. One can track the progress of the query through that ticket ID.

They do have an escalation matrix if in case you are not able to get any proper response from the tech representatives. You can directly send e-mails to their CRM team and reaches their managerial levels finally for their CEO. Inst it sounds good? Offering 24/7 support through call and chat and one uniqueness about them is they offer regional language support in India.

They have very friendly sales and support executives and describe them your entire problem, they offer you hands with the help.

logomakr_6thlqfHosting Raja Uptime:

Thanks to Hosting Raja for their consistency in uptime and performance of the site as we barely experience downtime and we run our websites on their shared and VPS servers both, for many of our sites. Their shared hosting is able to manage an average uptime of 99.98% for an year.

 Even VPS server performs more better than shared hosting, over all we are able to experience good uptime. If your target audience is from India you get good latency, Even our sites load faster due to their latency which comes in the range of 25 to 30 ms.

hosting raja reviews uptime september 2016
Above is their uptime for the month of september in shared hosting

Since Data centre location is at Mumbai and Bangalore and Hyderabad they can assure you good latency and good network.  Activate free CDN service for more speed and what more you expect, Sounds interesting right!! check out Cloud Flare.


hosting raja reviews uptime october 2016
Uptime recorded on october month


Hosting Raja uptime details
Uptime details-november month

Some Drawbacks Of Hosting Raja:

  • provides SSH access only on Reseller plans and VPS, Though this is required only for server administrators to get server access and if you know what we are talking about!!
  • Server location is only from India. Though this is a limitation It Is not going to affect the users whose business is more concentrated in India as the websites load very fast due to their latency guarantee of 20 to 30 ms.
Hosting Raja Money Back Policy- How It Works?

No strings attached 30 days money back policy If  in case you are not satisfied by their service or uptime. If its more than 30 days still you get a money back, the service amount would be deducted based on how many months it is being used.

They do not refund money on domain services or any other additional service.

Finally Is hosting Raja A Reliable provider?!

If you had a thorough check of entire hosting Raja reviews page we conclude there is enough information given about them. From the reviews it is sure they provide you good uptime and tech support. We have personal experience of hosting two of our sites and till now there is no problem either in terms of support or uptime.

This entire page has given you more information on their limitations, price factorreliability and support. If you want to host with a Reliable web hosting provider you can definitely rely on them for their customer pro support and less cost plans. Especially beginners who have no knowledge on hosting and trying to learn can go with them.

Check out some of the Top brands who host their websites with Hosting Raja.

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