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Everyone knows BigRock mainly through domain registration, domain transfer. BigRock is one of the India’s Leading Domain Registration and Web hosting Company. Here on BigRock reviews page we primarily focus on providing information about their server architecture, data centre location, server uptime, how fair is their tech support. 

BigRock Reviews -Dont miss # 2 section – what makes Bigrock different from others.

A Little Story On BigRock:

BigRock is globally having a good share of domains registered with it. Initially It was owned by DirectI, Foundation date backs to the year 1998. Recently acquired by the biggest hosting gaint on the earth Endurance International Group.

DirectI is the first ICANN accredited registrar in India and started their operations through major brands like Resellerclub, BigRock etc. BigRock became so popular in very little span of time expanding its business to global marking. Its head quarters is at UAE and Australia and sub division offices in Bangalore and Mumbai.

1. BigRock Hosting Plans And Pricing:

When you browse through BigRock’s hosting plans you will see 2 options one is there Indian version plans and the other is US version, which means the server location of India and US. You can choose these options according to your target audience. 

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Some prominent features which only BigRock can provide:
  • All their plans comes with  inner script jockey with SSH, Coupled with languages like PHP and Ruby on Rails, so you can enjoy the full power of your hosting package.
  • An open source Apache plugin mod_pagespeed which can quickly speed up your website. This plugin automatically compresses images, javascript and CSS and makes your website lightning fast.
  • Varnish is pre-activated on all new websites added in their Linux Shared plans. You can easily toggle the option of caching on and off as per your requirement. Another company which offers varnish option is Hosting Raja™

BigRock Reviews shared hosting plans

They have made it simple by categorizing into 4 plans. They do offer on windows platform too.

BigRock uses best-in-class hardware for their hosting infrastructure:

  • Dell Rack Servers
  • Intel Xeon-E5 Dual Quad-Core Processors w/HyperThreading
  • 64GB RAM (1333MHz RDIMMs)
  • cPanel v11.38

To know more about hosting, server infrastructure, best practices to follow while buying hosting, consider referring our hosting guide which gives you more info which you have never known till now.

BigRock VPS plans comes this way:

BigRock vps hosting plans

Even their VPS plans comes with the options of server location of India and US. To make your websites load faster choose Indian servers, as the latency is less due to location factor.

BigRock has set few Benchmarks. It claims their servers can provide better latency compared to their competitors. Click on below link to know more.

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BigRock Website Builder And C Panel:

Its a typical C Panel, Unlike other companies It has some extra marketing and SEO tools. Cloudflare and Varnish cache is recently added to accelerate the speed of the websites. We talk about the same in the coming sections.

There are 2 website builders one named as DIY website builder and the other is impressly site builder. Both are impressive with their features and easy drag and drop options, Even novices can build a beautiful websites using these site builders. A video can make a difference rather than we just describe, there is a video below for Impresssly site builder.

Check out the Video on how to build a website using their impressly site Builder:


2. BigRock Reviews – What Makes Them Different From Others

1. Low Cost Domains: First hosting company In India to become an ICANN accredited registrar. It always comes with new TLDs with great discounts. We personally have many domains registered with BigRock at lower price.


2. Server Infrastructure: As we discussed in the above sections your websites are hosted on Dell servers with robust configuration. It provides the best possible latency which they claim on their website too.BigRock hosting reviews comparison chart

3. Referral schemes and Discounts: BigRock provides good seasonal discounts, you can bookmark this page so that you will be intimated with the discounts every now and then. It also has some referral schemes through which you get extra discounts too.

BigRock referral coupon

4. VPS Advanced Storage: Their VPS plans are equipped with NetApp FAS3240 Enterprise Level Shared Storage which has the ability to provide a storage uptime of 99.99% which they claim on their website too.

A guarantee that downtime is less than 5.26 minutes in a year from their VPS servers.

Source: BigRock

5. Speed Booster – Cloud Flare: An awesome option to boost up your website speed and regulate malware attacks and many such advantages.

BigRock cloud flare features

6. Marketing Tools: BigRock has lot to offer with respect to SEO tools and tips. You can increase SEO ranking of your websites using these tools.

BigRock SEO tools

7. Money Back Guarantee – BigRock follows 30 days money back policy, If you are not satisfied by their services. Refund policy is applied only on their hosting services not on the domain names.

With all the benefits in hand what  more do you expect, even the hosting starts @ INR 149 per month. Use the below link, It will just cost 109 per month.


BigRock Technical Support And Uptime:

BigRock maintains a separate call facility for their technical support and ticket system for further any major issue regarding server performance or technical problems related to users websites. Though they have chat system it is only for sales.

They have disaster Recovery Setup so your data is protected on the server against hard disk failures. All their webhosting plans have built in back up manager and maintain weekly and daily back up so no worries on the back up related issues. They have their own data center which can accommodate all these facilities so you are at safer hands.

BigRock Uptime:

Their regional data centre locations makes them easy to provide faster loading time for all their websites, low latency ensures good speed to their websites. Till now there is a good record of uptime, their VPS servers downtime is less than 6 minutes in a year.

They have huge set of knowledge base on their website which can help you for any technical assistance.

Final Conclusion On BigRock:

No doubt BigRock is one among the top hosting companies in India and also as one of the Best domain registrar in IndiaAfter reading this BigRock review It is advised to go with BigRock If you are quite knowledgeable to the term web Hosting, since their call based support is less.

One thing is sure they have world class data centre facilities with Dell servers with high end configuration which are best compared to the good old MICRO servers which are still used by some cheap web hosting companies to save some bucks for them.

With some decent pricing and good uptime you can opt them, to check out their hot deals for the day visit their website.

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