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If you are reading this probably you are here to know some genuine BlueHost reviews which is recommended as one of the official wordpress web hosting  company which can be seen on official wordpress website also. We have gathered some unique information on Bluehost which you will come to know on further reading.

BlueHost – An Inside Story:

Its foundation dates back to 2003 and 2 sister companies along the side Host Monster and Fast Domain in the later years. Mainly to concentrate more on marketing for low cost category customers. BlueHost’s Data centre and office is based beneath the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, globally consisting of 700 employees.

It was officially acquired by the Big banner EIG in the year 2010. In the year 2011 Bluehost founder Matt Heaton writes in his website that he stepped down as CEO mainly to focus on the hosting platform design and technical structure, later Dan Handy took over as CEO.

BlueHost Reviews- Hosting Plans And Pricing:

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As you can see below, their listed plans and features,In basic plan you can host only single website but no marketing offers with plan.

If you opt their popular plan It comes with 10 sites hosting with $ 150 marketing credits.

BlueHost shared hosting plans

Their high end shared hosting plan business pro comes with $ 300 marketing credits, Bluehost claims that it is their high performance plan as everything is unlimited and some additional features attached, which makes it more worthy. You can also check our other Best hosting companies in india .

Some Of The Main Features which comes along business pro plan:

  • 2 Spam experts
  • Free SSL
  • 1 Dedicated Ip
  • Domain privacy
  • Site backup pro

BlueHost offers hosting only on linux and Windows, No Java Hosting. If you are looking for Java hosting we recommend going with Hosting Raja™ who offers low cost java hosting.

Blue host Review – Some Limitations!!!

Here comes noteworthy point when it is Unlimited what limitation does it have since as a smart customer you should know that there is no such thing as Unlimited!!! Find the hidden things and know the concept, Besides our guide for website hosting reveals the same. Even though the plan is Unlimited, CPU throttling may not enable you to use more resource from the server.

Relation between CPU throttling and Unlimited plan??

The concept CPU throttling was Introduced way back in 2009 from BlueHost. It refers to the process of reducing users resource consumption nothing but CPU usage when the particular account is dragging more resources from the server. If it is found BlueHost will eventually suspend the account for temporary time period till It comes normal or for a permanent solution he must upgrade to a suitable VPS plan.

When it was introduced there were many websites which got affected with several hours of downtime throughout the day, so you need to be cautious with this CPU throttling, you can keep an eye on the resource usage which is found in the C Panel.

A Small description On Hosting Nirvana – The Future of Shared Hosting:

Bluehost founder Matt heaton writes in his website about this concept of hosting Nirvana.

Hosting Nirvana:

Most of the shared hosting companies either stop the process or try to kill the processes consuming too much disk I/O.So to avoid this Matt Heaton builds a system where they can monitor every CPU and disk I/O usage in real time for all their users. They can limit disk I/O activity in real time and limit CPU activity in real time for all their users.This allows them to mitigate the effects of sudden surges in the usage that would normally affect all other users in the same server.

You need not worry about CPU throttling or any other technical term If you are new to the term web hosting. Just keep an eye on the resource usage and act only If your site has outgrown the shared hosting limits and needs more resources to run the site especially an e commerce website. Just upgrade to VPS if necessary.

BlueHost has several flexible plans under VPS hosting. Find the VPS plan link:

Bluehost VPS plans

Some Special Features of BlueHost VPS:

  • Advanced SAN based storage
  • Powered by NetApp, Virtuozzo
  • Fully Managed Support
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BlueHost C panel and site Builder:

As you all know BlueHost is a official WordPress hosting company, so you can get to see more features occupied with wordpress. It is also loaded with some special features which we discuss on the later sections.

To see the official C Panel demo, click on the link: C Panel Demo -Reference-

C panel has not only beautiful WordPress themes but also a drag and drop weebly site builder which consists more than 100 plus themes. To your reference even Hosting Raja™ also offers the same weebly site builder.

You can watch below video to know how to use weebly site builder:

BlueHost Server Performance And Uptime:

Nevertheless every company strives to provide good quality servers and reliable uptime, even Bluehost does the same with their top notch servers and world class data centre. when it comes to the uptime it not only matters the server uptime, it is also about the network uptime. Since they have own data centre they provide good network uptime also.

It seems BlueHost has best possible server configuration for shared hosting:

Bluehost- server architecture

BlueHost uptime:

We give thumbs up for their uptime consistency in the recent times as we presently host our clients websites in 2 shared hosting accounts and one VPS server. Server Upgradation and maintenance downtime are acceptable and do not impact the uptime guarantee.

There is a chance of rare downtime in shared servers due to its nature or complexity of shared hosting environment. No company can provide you 100% guaranteed uptime, but their VPS servers have exceptionally done well apart from 2 server outages in 2014, they are giving reliable uptime till today.

Well you can take a chance because BlueHost offers you a no gimmick transparent refund policy. If its within 30 days then you get the complete amount refunded If you are not satisfied by the service or uptime of BlueHost, Even post 30 days you will be eligible for the refund, provided you get the amount for the service which u have not used.

Bluehost Reviews – How Is It Different From Others?

1. Free Domain Registration: BlueHost offers free domain on almost every plan.

2. Marketing Credits: It offers several marketing credits worth more than $ 200 with its higher end plans and default marketing credits with lower end plans included with SEO tools also.

Bluehost marketing credits

3. Features Rich C panel: Most noteworthy feature is Cloud Flare CDN.

Bluehost C panel features

Bluehost - c panel -domain feature

4. Anti Spam Solutions: Built in Anti Spam solutions to avoid attack from spamming.

Bluehost antispam solutions

5. High End servers: In addition to its world class data centre facility, It also designs its own servers and in their shared hosting section there is a video on BlueHost website which describes the same.

A flexible refund policy and a known brand recommended for wordpress Hosting and support whenever needed. A large documentation of articles, video tutorials and a help guide to guide u related to web hosting.

What else do you expect!! A discount in  hand will again make you happy. Get 30% off.

BlueHost shared hosting – Activate – 30% off

 Some Drawbacks of Bluehost:

Inspite of several advantages of BlueHost there are quite few disadvantages.

  • BlueHost renewal price is at higher end, but you can opt their service for a longer term which can help you a lot bringing down the prices.
  • They charge for migration of hosting services from other web hosts. Companies like iPage and Hosting Raja do not charge for it, but If you can do it on your own then nothing to pay.

Final Conclusion On Bluehost:

So far Its been a great experience with Bluehost, we are getting good response either in terms of uptime or in terms of support. Most of the bloggers use wordpress as their development platform and definitely make BlueHost as their top choice as it is even recommended by the blogging tool too.

Bluehost is also the 5th fastest growing ICANN domain registrar in the world, also see our other list of Top domain registrars in India. Overall we found It to be a good web host with decent pricing, you can try them you will surely love it. Believe they have hosted more than 2 million websites worldwide, you can be one among them.

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