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When you are about to get some business online with a website, first thing is to choose a proper domain name for your business. We spend most of our time in deciding a good domain name to our business. But the same importance should be given to the domain registrars too. This is the same reason we have included the list of Top domain Registrars to make an easy selection of some best domain registrars in India.

Top Domain Registrars in India

CompanyRatingDescriptionCoupon ( If any )Visit Site
Godaddy9/10.COM @ INR 99 only for first yearVisit GoDaddy
Big Rock9/10.COM @ INR 99/-
.NET @ INR 19/-
50% off -Hosting
Code: DECCOM99AFFVisit BigRock
iPage8/1083% off on hosting with free domainVisit iPage
Hosting Raja8/1055% of on Hosting with free domainCOUP55Visit Hosting Raja
Blue Host8/1030% of on hosting with free domainVISIT BLUEHOST

However every domain needs a hosting plan to be live. So you may also check out list of hosting providers in india who offer free domain with hosting. Even the concept of a domain and list of domain extensions and how to choose a perfect domain is clearly explained. You will find the list of some of the best domain registrars in the later sections.

What is Domain Name, Domain Extensions And Their Significance

What Is A Domain Name ?

Domain name usually represents an authority within the Internet. In general terms it can be described as unique name for your business or personal use. It is actually formed out of a strings of character. Example: here is the domain name).  It can only contain numbers, letters and hyphen{-}. 

A domain name was mainly chosen because It was very difficult to remember IP address. Internet actually runs based on IP address. A web server requires DNS( domain name system) to translate domain into IP address. A domain refers to an IP address, which is used instead of IP address.

what is a domain name

Do not confuse an “URL” with “Domain Name” both are different. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator which indicates the entire address used to visit a website which also includes a domain name.

For an example:

In the above example the complete address is a URL – It represents address for the list of top web hosting companies in India. is a domain name.

Process Of Domain Registration >>

Domain Registration is a process of purchasing this unique name chosen from a domain registrars at specified cost given by the company. Domain registrars are nothing but organizations who manages to reserve these Internet domains to the end user.

A domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain (gTLD) registry and/or a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registry. Resource Information:

Be very specific in choosing a domain name. Remember it is not just a name, It ultimately represents a brand. In future you may be a big competitor to some one. There are some steps to follow to choose a proper domain name.  You can follow the link of MOZ website –8 Rules to follow for Choosing A Perfect Domain Name.

Which TLD Or Domain Extension To Choose?

TLD refers to Top Level domains. There are several like .com, .net, .In etc. Each TLD has its own Value and a reason. Each TLD represents a registry. You can select the suitable domain extensions which is essential to gain monopoly over the business or the name chosen. It is better to purchase 5 to 6 extensions which are popular worldwide.

List of Domain extensions

It is a common practice to register most of the popular extensions such as .COM, .NET, .CO, .ORG, .ASIA etc.. It prevents the problem of competitor registering your name and diverting your business. If your business is globally recognized then it is recommended to register a .COM domain because it is one of the highly recognized symbol for having a business presence on the Internet.

Domain Extensions And Their Significance

Below mentioned are some of the most popular domain extensions which are widely used and their significance. There are thousands of domain extension, very few are explained here.

.COM domain – It represents the word commercial but it is mostly used as a common domain for all purpose due to its popularity.

.NETRepresents INTERNET NETWORK. Widely popular among network related companies and internet solutions but now it is almost an alternative to the .com domain.

.ORG – Is an extension which is used for organizations preferably non profit organizations.

.IN – Represents India where it can be used for any Indian business and certainly adds more value to your business.

When it comes to the list of TLDs, there is no limit. With the growing demand for websites, Each year ten new registries get on to the board. But the actual picture is few extensions vanish and few exists due to their fancy extensions such as .ooo, .xxx, .online etc… For more information on the list of TLDs you can refer Wikipedia link: List of TLDs

How to get  a domain name – popular domain registrars in India

Domain Registration process begins by searching for the suitable name. There are certain guidelines need to be followed under Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). We have listed out Few top Domain registrars who helps you in registering the domain name, you can search your domain name in the respective column provided in their websites.

Below mentioned domain registrars are the best place to buy domain names at cheaper prices:

1. GoDaddy:

best domain registrar in India - Godaddy

Godaddy no doubt is one of the world’s largest domain registrar. There are around 60 million domain names registered under it. They provide more discounts on bulk domain purchase. they do have auction facility too. they are pretty famous for new domain extensions.

Special offer: Domain + website + Email99 per monthGet the details.


top domain registrars - bigrock

BigRock is also one of the leading and best Domain Registrar in India. It provides almost all varieties of domain extensions. They offer free email accounts with the domain. Domain comes with Other addons like DNS management, privacy protection and theft protection.

Special offers:  .COM @ 99 – Promo Code: DECCOM99AFF

Copy the code and click on the link to activate discount. Discount works only though the particular links.

.NET @ 19 – No coupon needed, just click on the link.

  Visit Big Rock

3. iPage:

cheap domain registration service - ipage

iPage is one of the best domain registrar with very reasonable prices. They are better to start with especially one who is very new to web hosting. The main reason to bring them in top domain registrars list is, they offer free domain with their hosting plans. As every one do need hosting along with domain to make their website live.

Special offer: 1.99$ for domain and hosting – 83% off

Visit iPage


domain name registration blue host

Blue host has a search box column where you can search upto 15 domain names. Their Indian edition website comes at lower cost guaranteed. Domain comes free with their hosting plans.

You receive the following benefits once you register the domain name in Bluehost:

  • DNS management
  • Domain forwarding 
  • Theft protection
  • Two Email accounts

Free email forwarding where you can redirect your email account to your existing email accounts.

Special Discount:  Hosting plan comes with 30% discount for 1 year with one free domain.

    Visit BlueHost

5. Hosting Raja:

best domain registrar India - Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja is one of the leading hosting company and one of the top domain registrars in India. It offers free domain with almost every hosting plans. 

Domains registered at Hosting Raja comes with DNS management and IP protection. Request for more years you get at less price and even the renewal charge is less compared to others. Transfer cost is free charging only for their renewal.

Special discount: Get a .Com or .In free with their hosting plan. They offer 55% discount

    Visit Hosting Raja

These are some of the best domain registrars in India. We consider them as top domain registrars considering their registration cost, renewal fee, facility for domain transfer in and out. More importance is given for the features, friendly user access and price. Every domain needs a hosting to be live, so we include some best web hosting companies in india who offer free domain with their plans.

If you want to register only domains you can consider BigRock or GodaddyIf you need hosting with domain free then we recommend gong with ipage as it offers almost 83% discount on their hosting plans and Hosting Raja comes with max 55% discount on its hosting plans.

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