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Dont be surprised from the fact that Godaddy is world’s largest domain registrar. It is estimated that there are 13 million customers worldwide and more than 60 million domain names registered under It. With all the speculation, the actual question is whether it is the right choice of web hosting company. Read this complete GoDaddy Reviews to know more about them, both advantages and disadvantages. It is also one among the low cost web hosting companies

A little history about godaddy

Started its journey as Jomax Technologies in the beginning and later changed its name to GoDaddy in the year 1999. Has its foot mark on almost 37 countries including India, employing more than 500o workers globally. Headquarters in Arizona and have offices & data centers around the world including San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Seattle, Boston, LA, New York & Iowa in the U.S.

GoDaddy Reviews -Hosting Plans And Features:

Though GoDaddy is highly popular for its low cost on domains, It is also recognized for its cheap hosting solutions with remarkable hosting features at less price.

It has 4 plans on shared hosting and categorize, wordpress hosting separate. Below image best describes the plan features:

Godaddy-Reviews-shared plans

Basic starter plan is popular among all their plans with 30 GB space. More than sufficient for a beginner to start If he wish to host a single website with more space.

Though they mention unlimited storage and unlimited Bandwidth, there is a set of restrictions. A cap of limitation ensures fair usage of the server resource, know why there is limitation by clicking on the link. Other than that they provide paid back up and restore option, Its upto you to choose. However If you are using wordpress to host your site there are many free plugins for back up which does the job free of cost.

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VPS hosting plans:

GoDaddy Reviews-VPS

Their VPS plans comes with following free features:

  1. Free 3 Dedicated IPs
  2. SSL certificate
  3. 1 C panel
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth
  5. Daily back up option

Most of the companies do not offer free SSL certificate with their hosting plans, but Godaddy has it free for you. Its renewal cost to be INR 2,988/- annually.

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When to choose VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is becoming more popular than shared hosting at some point today. Due to its scalability and less expensive compared to a dedicated server. Many of the companies offer free tech support even though you feel you have less knowledge of managing a server.

The right time to choose VPS hosting Lies in your hands. The reason is, choosing It would be effective when you earn some decent Income from your website. The other time would when you feel you are getting right amount of traffic to your website. Consider you are getting 30 to 40 hits at a time, this would be great traffic and right time to choose VPS.

The last option to choose VPS would be whenever you get errors such as 500 Internal error, resource limit reached, when bandwidth limit exceeds more than 100 GB per month. For more information on hosting check out A layman’s guide to hosting.

Godaddy Control Panel Options And Website Builder:

A combined features and tools are available in C panel. It Includes options such as one click installation [ Joomla, Drupal or wordpress gets installed on a single click ] cloud linux, CageFS, SSH access (secure shell), fraud virus and spam protection, more than 125 free applications.

GoDaddy has their own site builder, their basic plan starts from INR 1188 for the first year which includes

  • 50 free themes
  • unlimited web pages
  • 150 GB bandwidth
  • 1 GB web space
  • Free domain and free business email with 1 year plan

Check this Video, to know how to build a site using GoDaddy site builder:

Video credits: GoDaddy

  godaddy site builder

What Makes GoDaddy Different From Others:

Most of the people land on GoDaddys website either to register a unique domain or to purchase bulk domains at low cost considering the fact that they are one of the largest domain registrar. But still their unique way of selling hosting with more resource at less cost gives them a stand for their hosting plans too.

Consider some of the driving factors which makes them better with their hosting plans also:
  • If you consider any of the popular hosting companies, most of them begin with 500 MB or max 3 GB. GoDaddy plan begins with 30 GB storage at the cost of INR 149 per month for an year Which is more prominent.
  • It provides its own site Builder which has both free templates and paid templates which makes easy for those who look for some premium templates.
  • Their site consists of all the essential tutorials, Videos, forums, Resource articles, Howtos, even a layman can make his online presence easily.
  • If you choose their hosting plans for multiple years you get more discounts, some additional features attached to it.
  • Bulk domains at lesser cost makes and auctioning of the domains, they provide a platform through which you can sell or buy domains.
  • All their plans comes with Unlimited Bandwidth.

Support and uptime:

Godaddy has a ticket system which helps in handling customer queries. Most of the time its phone support which helps a lot in configuring email accounts, website set up and other things. This offer 24/7 support through this number: 040 – 67607600.

They have a large set of documentation on howtos which helps in managing your whole setup and configuration. very recently they have come up with regional language tech support which helps locals in getting proper support. Their chat system is a kind of busy, you may not get personal attention their, phone support works out well.

GoDaddy’s Uptime:

One thing is sure If you are choosing GoDaddy you need to be a bit Tech savy which saves lot of your time and resource apart from that their top notch servers makes your website function well.

Most of their servers located in US and Singapore. It works out better in terms of Bandwidth, only worry is their latency becuase of server location. But If your audience is globally concentrated it works out well for you in terms of server response time. However you can configure CDN which will boost your website speed.

Significantly high end servers with better configuration with latest technology ensures better performance and speed to your sites. From all the records we are able to mange with 99% uptime overall for some of our websites.

Some disadvantages of GoDaddy:

Asusal when you get all the advantages you must have some limitations on the other side, find some of their limitations below.

GoDaddys plan even though It appears to have higher features like more space, unlimited Bandwidth there is some restriction as well such as

  • Physical memory allocated is less compared to other hosting company plans to avoid over usage of the servers CPU memory
  • Less Inode count assigned for a fair usage of the customers website account
  • Limit on Entry process or concurrent limit. To have a better understanding on Entry process refer our hosting guide.
  • Limiting the number of websites hosted on one single account to avoid abuse of the servers resource
  • Limited My SQL or MS SQL db connections
  • Those who are pretty much comfortable with C Panel seems to struggle with their custom built C Panel.

Large and multiple databases use significant amounts of memory to run and can slow down your site. These limitations are quite common among every company though GoDaddy restricts on higher side.

Most of the GoDaddy plan consists additional free features like free SSL certificate, free domain, free dedicated IP. But the renewal cost seems to be higher, be sure to check renewal cost too.

Final conclusion: Can I Host With GoDaddy

After reading all their advantages and disadvantages It is clear they dominate the whole market with their monopoly over domain registrations. Their plans are affordable which makes one of the high point to opt them.

As said above high end servers with all the latest technology ensure you are at right side. Documentation of videos, articles, Limitations explained on the other end tells that they are truth to the knowledge. You can safely run your website with more security enabled to their servers.

Make sure If you sign up for hosting with GoDaddy you need to have some Good knowledge on what is web hosting. However you can use our website for any of the resource you need.

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