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Shared hosting is the most popular choice of hosting, as plans are affordable and easy to use. Especially “Unlimited hosting” plan has created more Interest among the users to buy. Here you can find list of Best providers for shared hosting India. Even the concept of shared hosting meaning is explained through examples.

Find some Important factors taken into consideration while deciding the ranking order and preferring them as the Best hosting providers for shared hosting India to start with.

  1. Reviewing their Most popular plan and low cost plan
  2. Uptime and reliability
  3. Customer budget
  4. Technical support
  5. User friendly features and access
  6. Popularity on the web

Hosting providers for Shared hosting India:

1. BlueHost :

Blue Host is one of the Best hosting company to host wordpress websites and officially recommended by To know more check BlueHost Reviews.

Shared hosting plans blue host

Low cost plan: 289 per month – Standard Plan– 30% off
Popular plan: 469 per month – Unlimited Plan– 30% off

    Visit BlueHost

2. Hosting Raja:

Branded as one of the cheap hosting companies in India, has more varieties to offer suitable to Indian market. To know more about Hosting Raja check Hosting Raja Reviews.

shared hosting plan hosting rajaHostingRaja shared hosting plans


Low cost plan: 99 per month – Starter Plan – 40% off
Popular plan: 299 per month – Unlimited Plan – 50% off

    Visit Hosting Raja

3. iPage:

iPage stands out to be one of the low cost hosting provider. They offer only 1 plan in shared that is Unlimited plan, below image gives the description. To know more check out iPage Reviews.

shared hosting India

Popular plan: $ 1.99 per month – Essential plan – 83% off

Visit iPage

4. BigRock :

Big Rock stands out as one of the best affordable web hosts in India. To know more about BigRock check BigRock Reviews.

low cost shared hosting providers

Low cost plan: 59 per month – Starter Plan – 30% off
Popular plan: 399 per month – Business Plan – 30% off

  Visit BigRock

5. Siteground:

Siteground  provides you flexible and budget oriented plans. Below image best describes its features. To know more about siteground check Siteground reviews

shared hosting plans siteground


Low cost plan:  $ 3.95 per month – Start Up plan – 30% off
Popular plan:  $ 7.95 per month – Grow Big plan – 30% off

    Visit Siteground

6. GoDaddy :

GoDaddy is not only the top domain Registrar It also provides flexible plans on web hosting with affordable pricing. Below image best describes their low cost and popular plans.

godaddy-economy-planUnlimited web hosting plan india

Low cost plan: 199 per month – Economy Plan – 55% off
Popular plan: 309 per month – Deluxe Plan – 48% off

What is Shared Hosting :

It is one of the basic type of web hosting. It marks the first step for every beginner who has a dream to build a website and host it. The name itself gives you an idea that the hosting will be shared. Practically speaking thousands of websites reside at one place sharing the common pool of resources. We shall discuss in detail in further paragraphs.

A user once develops a website [Either manual website development using any of the programming languages like HTML, PHP etc.. or from any of the website builders given by the webhosting providers] needs a webspace to host files, database, emails. This facility is hosted by web hosting providers who allocates space based on the plan taken.

In shared hosting there are typically 500 to 1000 websites hosted on a single dedicated server which share the common resources from that dedicated server. A dedicated server is generally a large computer with all the high configuration of RAM, hard disk, Bandwidth etc.. The number of websites hosted depends on that particular server configuration. If its an high end server there are more websites hosted. Know the difference between shared hosting, vps and dedicated server.

All the websites hosted in the server share a common pool of Resources which is listed below: 
  • CPU time
  • RAM
  • Mail server
  • Database [My Sql or MS Sql]
  • Hard disk
We shall give an example in layman terms for better understanding:

Consider you live in an apartment which has approximately 100 flats. The apartment has a playground, parking lot, swimming pool and gym. Now all the flat owners need to equally share all the mentioned facilities according to the rules of apartment.

In the same way the server consists of a pool of resources such as CPU, bandwidth, database, RAM, hard disk which is equally shared among all the websites residing in that server. In this way It has got its name shared web hosting.

what is shared hosting

Almost 80% to 90% users prefer going for shared web hosting plans since its more user friendly, cost effective and generally they have a notion that they do not require more or sometimes they do not have any idea on web hosting.

Once the site grows or if the usage increases the website account suffers from lack of resources and gets errors such as Resource limit reached, Inode count exceeded, Bandwidth limit exceeded. These problems are better explained with clear solutions on our web hosting guide.

When And Where To Choose It?

Probably after knowing the concept you will get a question when should I opt for shared hosting and from which company to buy these plans??

We have listed some best hosting providers for shared hosting India – So you know from where to buy.

Here we List Some Basic Points For When To Opt For Shared Hosting:

  • If you do not have any knowledge on web hosting
  • You are a beginner and you are hosting your first website
  • When you have relatively less budget and looking for a low cost hosting India
  • If its a static or a simple website
  • When you are on a learning phase on all the designing and web development platforms
  • If you generally have less traffic on your websites

Shared Hosting – Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several pros and cons of going with shared hosting. Every beginner can start their initial journey with shared hosting to gain the knowledge on how a website works. Though It is very Important to know the advantages and disadvantages which may help you in further journey.

Advantages Of Shared Hosting:

  • Affordable pricing and cost effective
  • No maintenance required by the user
  • No DDOS attacks
  • Gives pro learning to go further stages of web hosting
  • Easy to use and no need not be tech savy for managing it

    Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

    Even though shared hosting looks more popular and convincing It has certain limitations. Though If you are a beginner and stick to the conditions you can stay attached to shared hosting for longer term.

1. Lack of Resources with the hosting plans:

Unlike VPS and dedicated servers you will not get a private server configuration for your hosting account. If your usage goes high exceeding beyond the server limits you will experience errors like 503 error, Resource limit reached, bandwidth limit exceeded etc… you may check our web osting Guide for more information on the same.

Especially wordpress and magento based websites needs more server resource as more plugins are installed and sometimes the poor design of the themes may make the sites to completely use more than the allocated resource to produce above kind of errors, especially if its an e commerce website we suggest to go with VPS hosting.

2. Deny of Server access and Some functionalities missing:

There is a chance that you may not get SSH access, .htaccess, stop and start of the web server, developers some times look for these options as they need to run some special application or they need that access to make some web development changes. Some hosting companies do not enable these options for security concerns.

3. Over selling:

This is found to be common with some webhosting companies as the sever is overloaded with many websites which may result in overload on the server, thus giving the least perfrmance to the website. But to be honest companies like iPage, BlueHost, Hosting Raja has remained prompt with overselling.

4. Performance:

since all the websites use the same server resource the excessive usage of one hosting account may result in performance downgrade of other accounts. A particular website may consume the resource of other websites usage Since all the sites use the same server resource reside in a single server.

Looking all the above limitations If you feel your websites needs all the facilities with no more conditions, It is always good to choice to go with options like VPS, dedicated server.

However you may not find all the above points as disadvantage until you reach such a stage where your website is highly popular and needs more resource to run and getting more hits. It is very important to keep eye on your site performance, uptime periodic basis.

Shared Hosting- Key Points To Remember While Using:

  • No matter how big a company or brand, you do not get 100% support, 100% uptime.
  • Please do remember there is no daily back up option in shared hosting plans, keep updated with any means of back up.
  • If you purchase Unlimited plan It doesn’t mean that you get everything unlimited. Name has nothing to do, know the term and concept.
  • You cannot install the choice of application you need.
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