SiteGround Review

Yet another Independent web hosting company without the clutches of EIG – A biggest hosting giant on the earth. This article on SiteGround review will explain you their hosting plans, limitations, Technological Innovations from them, server architecture and points on why to choose them and why not. Check out for more information by reading this complete Siteground review.

Datacentre Location:

  • Chicago, USA
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Singapore

A little Background on SiteGround-

As per the information on their official website, It is believed to be found in the year 2004 by university friends and some handful people who started their journey through university dorm rooms. Today Siteground stands one of the successful company hosting more than 500,000 domains. It also has more than 400 employees working and is constantly growing.

Why Siteground? – 5 Points

1. Multiple Datacentre Location-

The main advantage being the regional data centre locations. It has its data centers on most of the Important locations on the globe. Location matters when It comes to the loading time of the website.


However there is also CDN activated in their C Panel which makes sure further increases loading time of your website. Read further points to know more about CDN.

2. SiteGround Uptime –

It is one of the most important factor as everyone do expect their website to be live all the time. As we have several clients websites hosted on siteground hosting plans, we are able to get pretty decent uptime without any lag.

Siteground gives the option to check the real time uptime stats of your website hosted on their servers. You can always check your website status there.


3. Advanced Technology on the go –
SSD hard drive:

Your websites are hosted on SSD hard drives, rather than regular old HDD hard drives. SSD hard drives makes the data, read and write faster and offers 1000x increase in input/output operations as compared to regular drives.

For more information on types of hard drive and RAID level refer Dells website.

For more information on web hosting,types, limitations of hosting plans, some best practices to follow while buying a hosting refer guide for website hosting.

Secure Account Isolation:

A technological innovation made by siteground introduced in the year 2008. The main concept is, your website is isolated or unaffected by the usage of other websites in the same server. They were first to bring this concept with an efficient CHROOT account isolation of accounts on shared servers at a time.

NGINX web server technology:

This technology speed up the load of the static content of the hosted sites on siteground servers. NGINX is pronounced as “Engine X”. It is the second most web server widely used next to Apache.  If you want to know more how NGINX works and how it is better read this article – maximizing-php-7-performance-with-nginx. Source:

Inclusion of super cacher:

It has some options which benefits in increasing the speed of the websites, more advantage on wordpress, joomla and drupal. The technology allows website speed optimization through memcached and Google page speed.

Loading your website faster through supercacher - siteground

    Read more on supercacher

Fastest Data Recovery Set up:

For every website It is important that you need a regular data back up to avoid any loss of data. Very recently in the year 2015 siteground announced that they have created a new data recovery set up which saves them 24+ hours of downtime. They are able to recover 4 TB of data In Just 4 hours, compare to previous 28 hours and the data was 3 times more than the previous data. This system allows them to create the backups with minimal resource usage and faster recovery when in need.

4. Free CDN activated on the C Panel –

CDN works out great for all the websites. It makes your website load faster by caching the website content. For a foreign visitor it uses the cached content to load on local data centers at the place where visitor is opening your website. Thus delivering the content faster, than when you dont implement it.

There are around 101 data centres all around the globe which ensures you website never renders slower to the user.

Below images best describes how it makes the difference when CDN is implemented:

Difference of request of speed, when CDN is implemented

When CDN is implemented there is whopping speed response time of 9 MS, but when it is not implemented the response time comes around 31 MS.

Implement CDN– Visit siteground

5. Siteground customer support –

Siteground provides round the clock support 24/7 through call, ticket and chat support.  They also help you in CMS installations. WordPress or magento installation is made easy by them. One more important thing is if you are looking for website migration from other web hosts, sitegorund helps you in free website migration.


Describing the above facts, we can say Siteground is one of the top  web hosting companies giving all the essential web tools to make your website online, good customer support with decent uptime.

Siteground Hosting plans Review-

Siteground offers all the types of hosting – shared hosting, Resellers, Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting. Lets take a look on their hosting plans.

Before explaining their hosting plans, know that siteground is one of the official wordpress recommended hosting company.


Siteground Shared hosting review:

siteground startup hosting plan

The above plan is suitable for beginners. If you need more resources to run your website and expecting a little high traffic on your website then you may rely on their Grow big plan. it is also relatively popular among all their plans.

start up plan -siteground – 60% off

What additional features you get in GROW BIG plan which you dont get in their start up plan:
  • Supercacher enabled
  • Premium support
  • Wild card SSL provided free for 1 year
  • You can host any number of websites
  • 30 back up copies of your website

grow big-siteground – 60% off

Siteground cloud hosting plans:


Cloud hosting is one of the ideal solutions for those websites which are highly trafficked sites and requires more resources to run. The beauty of cloud servers is, you pay only for the resource you use. The above picture best describe features and price. For information – Siteground cloud hosting. They do offer Reseller hosting and dedicated hosting options.

siteground- cloud – As low as $80

Disadvantages Or Cons To know On Siteground –

Siteground Has great things to offer as you saw above advantages of site ground like security features, regional data centre locations, decent uptime without any lag, quick support, first reply comes within 10 minutes etc.. But you should know there are certain limitations pertaining to hosting plans.

No windows hosting:

If you have developed your website on windows platform they do not offer ASP based hosting. But Most of the recent trend says most of the bloggers, developers are obsessed with wordpress due to its ease of development and use it to develop clients websites. But there is a good news companies like ipage, hosting Raja offers windows hosting at low cost.

Storage a concern:

If you are looking for more storage to save your files, images and content, their start up plan starts comes with 10 GB storage, which might not be sufficient for few. However this is more than sufficient for the start ups. Also they mention monthly traffic visitors according to the plans which clears you If you want to upgrade or not.

Set up cost included in Monthly billing:

Please be noted If you any plan to choose their monthly plan, there is one hidden cost, which is one time cost INR 14$, you will get to know this at the end of the billing. Instead its better to go with yearly cost which includes no such hidden cost and you get all the features you need.

Not only for Siteground, its always a better choice to opt for yearly services instead of monthly billing, because you are covered under money back only for yearly service. So even In case you want to go out you can surely get money back.

Money back policy-

Siteground clearly offers 30 days money back policy, however money back is not applied on domain and add on services. But to your knowledge cancellation is not applicable on Cloud and Dedicated Hosting Services.

Before concluding siteGround review we would tell you there are one among the recommended wordpress hosting provider. so If you are geek of wordpress or If your sites are developed on wordpress you can choose them blindly for their fantastic tools available for wordpress and also the guaranteed support for wordpress.

An Image is worth than thousand words, check out the official page of wordpress declaring sitground as one of the recommended hosting for wordpress.

best wordpress web hosting companies

Best wordpress hosting companies

Concluding Siteground Review-

Undoubtedly siteground is one of the top web hosting companies offering plans at relatively low cost. After reading the above review hope you can understand how much they have Invested for technology. Most importantly you get good support whenever there is a problem. So definitley It is one of the recommendation, If you are looking for a reliable web host. However this siteground review mentions all the pros and cons of going with them, Now its your turn to take a call.